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We know people in the right environment make a difference! We help you develop your products, systems and organization more efficiently to strengthen your competitiveness and sustainability

We’re a different kind of company, with a high level of personal commitment, and something as unusual as a consultancy firm that puts people first. For real. Regardless of whether that person is a client or a consultant.

We work with technology development, business development and IT. Our clients are primarily based in Sweden. We’re convinced that the future lies in you having complete influence over your situation – whether you’re a client or a consultant – with a strong relationship to your clients and coworkers. Strong relationships built on common humanistic terms and values. It’s that type of relationship that truly generates results.

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Who we are

We are a carefully selected team with common values

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Why Berotec?

Many people refer to us as a consultancy firm, but we strongly affirm that we’re a humanistic company. A company where people in the right environment make a difference. The industry is crammed full of conventional consultancy firms offering services. Each with their own purpose.

We are different

We want to engage you to use us to develop yourself, your products, your systems and your organization. Our consultants’ wide range of specific competences, our diversity and history will give you an immense source of experience and innovation.
You always receive the appropriate person, for every occasion.
We’re committed; we always work with our heart; and we’re eager to provide creative, justified, profitable and sustainable solutions for you.

What we offer

We offer experienced, knowledgeable and socially skilled people as consultants in Technology, Management and IT to help you solve your challenges.
We’re good at dealing with people, understanding technology and all the demands and expectations that go with it. This means we have demanding clients that use us to increase their competitive edge. We operate primarily within three key areas: Technology-, Management-, and IT Development

Our process usually starts with a cup of coffee

We sit down together with you and figure out what you want to accomplish with your project. We listen, analyze and deliver.

We are a humanistic, flexible company with a short chain of decision-making. Our personal commitment is big and we always work with a lot of heart. Our long experience in the industry has created a common set of values with a strong focus on the client.
We work transparently and coordinate all our offices so that we can provide you with the full portfolio of consultants. We have the qualification and the network to create the perfect results and we always provide you with the best service. We’re only happy when you’re happily successful!

We’ve succeeded when we hear you cheer!

Get in touch with us and we’ll book a time for that cup of coffee!

The four F’s

Four F’s = Freedom.
Make our lifestyle into a business idea

When we founded Berotec we had a clear image of what we wanted to accomplish. We wanted to created new opportunities for talented and experienced consultants, while at the same time offer clients within the industry a new and better alternative. After some introspection of our own motives to start our company, we soon realized that our driving force consisted of four words: Family, Free Time, Firm (Company), and Future. When we add these four F’s, we receive a fifth, namely Freedom. Our way of being gives us more freedom.


To acknowledge that Family comes first puts demands on the way a company is run. There needs to be sensible finances in order to ensure the family’s safety. There needs to be reasonable working conditions so the family’s social health is maintained. There needs to be flexibility, so that unforeseen family issues can receive immediate attention.

Free Time

To admit that Free Time is the second most important part also puts demands on running a company. You need to plan your time. You need to be sure that the company is taken care of, even when you’re on vacation. To have free time you need to prioritize, plan and work effectively.

Firm (Company)

To note that the Firm comes third doesn’t make you uninterested. On the contrary. Being comfortable knowing that the most important things in life are taken care of increases the motivation to work. Working becomes more fun. Being focused becomes more important. It is, truly, job satisfaction.


The Future is an obvious driving force for those of us who are self-employed. We want to make sure we build our finances so that we’re secure beyond our retirement, or when we want to lessen our work hours.

With our Four F’s – Family, Free Time, Firm and Future – we not only created a business idea, we created a way of life. Our consultants, sales representatives and administrative staff are all self-employed and that means we can, with full credibility, call ourselves true consultants. We’re responsible, successful in our field, with a strong sense of motivation and a high level of competence. The fact that we’re all partners at Berotec is further evidence of our belief in sustainability and our deep commitment to our clients.

We know people enjoy meeting Berotec. Working with Berotec. And it’s fun to work for Berotec. Together, there’s no stopping our success!


Our values are at the very root of everything we do, they’re almost instinctual

We’ve chosen not to make it more complicated than it needs to be. But we do demand that everyone who works with us are behind these value. Fully and whole-heartedly.

We trust each other and ourselves

I use my intuition and my common sense. I learn from when you think and act differently to me. I hone my problems, when they occur, and try to find solutions.

We respect each other and ourselves

I keep my promises. I only make promises I can keep. I’m clear with what I need. I find out what I need to know by myself – I don’t wait to be informed. When something is wrong or doesn’t work, I’ll let someone know.

We like to help

I listen with all my senses and do my best to understand. I ask if I can help. I share my experience, knowledge and time. I deal with problems as soon as they occur. I share my successes as well as failures with others.

The values are based on us as individuals and are therefor written in first person.

Our foundation:

    1. We are all self-employed and realize that we are stronger together.
    2. That makes us confident, but not cocky.
    3. We know what we can do.
    4. We solve technical, financial, and logistical problems, but perhaps above all personnel problems.
    5. We’re simple, we’re direct and we’re clear.
    6. We’re personal, we’re open and we’re honest.
    7. We also try to always be nice to each other. If for no other reason than that it makes working so much more fun
    8. We are all Senior consultants and experts in our field.

The story

It all started in a tiny kitchen, where we realized we had a great deal in common.

We love to work as consultants, with people, and make them happy. We love developing people and we know that when they’re in the right environment they make a difference. We wanted to create an environment where our coworkers developed and felt good, so that you as a client received the best solution and support for your challenges.

With our shared values, coupled with a new way to organize and manage consultancy firms, we saw great potential.

The list of things we did before Berotec is long. Here is a little taste of some of our combined CVs:

    • We’ve been consultants since the beginning, both for small, insignificant companies and huge, trendy companies.
    • We’ve sailed over the Atlantic Ocean and we’ve worked as Ski Instructors.
    • We’ve played in bands
    • We’ve run sailing schools for the youth.
    • We’ve opened a store in the archipelago
    • We’ve founded and run product companies.
    • We’ve worked in most roles you occupy today, both in Sweden and abroad.

We sat there in the kitchen and decided that it was time to create something together. It was time to conjure up the rebel in us and make a difference. Truly make a difference.

All the best,
Håkan Mildh Svensson, Founder

Our purpose

Why do we do this? Why do we go to work? And why should anyone care?


Our purpose is to develop people and organizations to their full potential.


We do this by gathering people who share our values and follow our journey as we develop as consultants, managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and above all, people! Our way of being self-employed together brings out the passion and the fire in us.


We are consultants who develop technology, people, and organizations.

How we help

Now that you know more about us, is time to find out how we can help you?


Welcome to Berotec. As a client, consultant or friend


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