Our consultants are experts, we’re 25% more efficient and always deliver a sustainable result

We’re more effective because of our long experience, our cooperation and our business model. When our consultants leave an assignment, they leave a satisfied, more knowledgeable client that is now a part of the Berotec family. That is something you as a client can be sure of.

Our consultants work in 4 key areas. Read more about them below!

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Business Development

Åke Holmberg knows all about Business Development.

Contact him to discuss your challenge or exchange some ideas!

Business Development is about doing what you do more effectively, both concerning the organization, the systems in place, and the methodologies used.

Reaching the highest level of efficiency means setting clear goals and making sure everyone knows what they need to do to achieve those goals. It involves the organization, the systems used and the way people work.

How we help

Here are a few of our areas of expertise in Business Development:
Interim Management, Data Science, Lean Business Platform, Market Development, Business Development, Coaching, Project Management and Advisory Board.

Product Development

Martin Linderson knows all about Product Development

Contact him to discuss your challenge or exchange some ideas!

How do you develop a product that unites new technologies and modes of production, and how does the product retain its value?

The company that stops developing its products will inevitably see its customers disappear. Human behavior is changing at an increasing pace. The person who a few years ago bought a phone to make calls today buys a smartphone for many other reasons. The company that used to make physical parking meters could today need an entire cloud service. Having the world’s best product is no longer enough to secure and maintain your position in the market. You need to constantly develop your offer.

How we help

Here are a few of our areas of expertise in Product Development:
Mechanics, Electronics, Configuration Management, Testing, FPGA, Project Management, Calculation and Analysis, Design for Manufacturing, Software, Built-in Systems, Material Science & Engineering, QA, SCRUM, and Regulatory Affairs.

System Development

Niklas Rengfors knows all about System Development

Contact him to discuss your challenge or exchange some ideas!

System Development is about finding and producing the system that will best support the organization and add value to it.

Today, IT-systems play a considerable role in almost every organization. A working systems support is key to your company’s productivity, profitability and competitiveness. As expectations increase, so to does the complexity. Individual systems are becoming more intelligent. Functions are merged together in larger subsystems, making compatibility even more important.

How we help

Here are a few of our areas of expertise in System Development:
Internet of Things, Simulation, Energy, Project Management, System Architecture, Guidance Systems, Software, Embedded, Usability/UX, Lean Startup, Mobile App Development for iOS & Android, Webb Development, Usability/UX, Back End (both on server and in the Cloud), Project Management and Testing.

Production Development

Magnus Lindman knows all about Production Development

Contact him to discuss your challenge or exchange some ideas!

How do you make your production efficient and reach the best results? Which methods and techniques should you use?

It is pivotal for an organization to have an optimal production process. Otherwise, costs in the form of waste, a decrease in quality, or unnecessary capital accumulation become an increasing issue. With an increase in competition and a straining of budgets, we’re often asked to produce more for less money. Whilst always maintaining the quality.

How we help

Here are a few of our areas of expertise in Production Development:
Industry 4.0, LEAN, Planning, Production Systems, Supply Chain Management, Automation, Sourcing, Supplier Development, Industrialization, Control Systems, PLC Control Systems, Factory Logistics, Value Stream Mapping, Production Management, Project Management, and Automations IT (MES)

Help from a consultant

There may be a sense of worry when you first decide to receive help from a consultant. How do you know that the delivery is what you expected, and how do you motivate the investment?

Berotec’s works by genuinely going to the bottom of your problems and challenges to properly understand the underlying issues. Your contact has often had similar challenges and roles to you. In a meticulous matching process together with your contact you will have a selection of consultants who have all chosen to work with you. This is why you can always feel confident with a Berotecer. We follow up and measure your satisfaction during the course of the project, and we care about you. Berotec will do its utmost to leave you as an impressed client, both during the course of the project and after we’ve gone separate ways.

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