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Welcome to Berotec in Göteborg!

You are always welcomed! If you want to visit, please contact Emma or Susanne!

Skårs Led 3
412 63 Göteborg

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Welcome to Berotec in Karlstad!

Kungsgatan 6
652 24 Karlstad

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Welcome to Berotec in Linköping!

Visiting address: Platensgatan 9C
582 20 Linköping

Mailing address: Box 1049
581 10 Linköping

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Welcome to Berotec in Stockholm!

Karlbergs Strand 4
171 73 Solna
Fax: 08-470 54 50

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Welcome to Berotec in Uppsala!

Ingång D (Inner corner in the yard)
752 37 Uppsala

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Welcome to Berotec in Västerås!

Trefasgatan 4
721 30 Västerås

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Welcome to Berotec in Örebro!

Stenbackevägen 6
702 25 Örebro

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Our consultants

Our consultants are all experienced experts in the fields of Technology, IT and Management. They’re dedicated and love to help out. The overall goal is to ensure that our customers are constantly learning parallel to the project, and will inherit the consultant’s knowledge so they can continue the work after the project’s completion. We’re so confident in the delivery that we gladly offer our clients a satisfaction guarantee.

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Berotec is value-driven and strives to ensure that all Berotecers achieve a work-life balance, a lifestyle where work and free time interact. If you join us you’ll be able to set a high bar for you and your team and choose challenging assignments, while at the same time having control over your own time.

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