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Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s something missing. If you’d like to conduct an interview or want our opinion on something, contact one of our spokespeople below.

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Use our boilerplate to briefly describe Berotec

Berotec is a consultancy firm established in the year 2000. We work with development in Technology, Management and IT. Through humanistic and modern values together with skilled self-employees we help our clients solve problems. Berotec is owned by its consultants and now houses more than 200 consultants, with offices in Stockholm, Linköping, Göteborg, Karlstad, Västerås, Uppsala, Nyköping and Örebro.

Some of our clients include Atlas Copco, Electrolux, Ericsson, SAAB, Siemens, Net Insight and Mycronic.


Contact the following individuals for an interview or comment in their respective fields.

Urban Gjers
Co-founder and responsible of
competence development.
070-593 03 85

Håkan Mildh Svensson
Founder, chairman and Marketing Manager
​​​​​​​070-999 19 10

Vimeo och YouTube

Here are some movies on Vimeo and YouTube, showing what its like to work with Berotec as a client and work for Berotec as a consultant.

LinkedIn och Facebook

You can also find us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Press material

If you want to use images for print you can download these here.

We’ve uploaded press photos, our spokespeople as well as our logos in different formats. Missing something? Call us on 0771-44 11 11 or use the form below and we’ll get in touch.


Click on the link and choose ‘save file’ to download the files. You can choose either high resolution .eps files or low resolution .jpg and .gif files.

Berotec logotypes EPS
Berotec logotypes low resolution JPG

Usage of our logotype

Our logotype is always written in small caps, and is always followed by our symbol. The symbol, with the warm orange dot symbolizing a meeting place and the rings symbolizing movement. The logotype always has the company name first, and the symbol last.

You are free to use the logo in whatever position; vertical, horizontal, left or right aligned. For the vertical position, the symbol is located to the right of or below the company name. The symbol and name are in black, whereas the orange dot has the color PMS 021

The logo can be used in negative print. The symbol then remains the same besides a white frame around it to make it visible. The frame has the same thickness as the rings. The logo can also be placed on a black plate when used as a negative.

Images of our spokespeople

Håkan Mildh Svensson – Founder, Chairman, and Marketing Manager. Download a high-res jpg here!

Urban Gjers, co-founder and responsible for internal competence development. Download a high-res jpg here!


Welcome to Berotec. As a client, consultant or friend


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Our offices

Berotec – Experts in technology, IT & management

Skårs Led 3
412 63 Göteborg
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Kungsgatan 6
652 24 Karlstad
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Box 1049
581 10 Linköping
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Karlbergs Strand 4

171 73 Solna
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Slottet, Entrance D
752 37 Uppsala
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Trefasgatan 4
721 30 Västerås
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Stenbackevägen 6
702 25 Örebro
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