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Be noticed and appreciated whilst developing your skills.

Do you want freedom? Do you want to stop counting down to your vacation, or counting down the hours before the workday ends? You could continue doing exactly what you’re best at but take charge of your own company. As a Berotecer, you become part of an extremely competent team, you receive assignments that challenge and develop both you and your client. But best of all, you take charge of your own time, income and future. The network around you deals with the rest.

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What does it take to become one of us?

  • You must share our values.
  • You must be established in your line of business.
  • You should preferably have experience in different roles and sectors.
  • You must have relevant experience.
  • You must have your own company or be willing to start one.

Our sales representatives work with the recruitment process

Berotec’s sales representatives are the ones working continuously with the recruitment process and the ones you will meet when discussing potentially joining Berotec. We have chosen to take this approach for the simple reason that our sales representatives have the best insight into what the current and future markets need in terms of expertise and industry experience. As far as it is possible to look into the future, that is.
As someone about to take the plunge to becoming part of Berotec, we want you to feel a greater security and ease of mind knowing that a sales representative, fully familiar with our clients’ needs, is the one who approves you becoming a part of our team. But remember that only you can decide and only you can assume the full responsibility for your decision.

Allow the process to take time

Taking that giant leap from being an employee to becoming part of Berotec could, if we exaggerate a little, be compared to having a baby:

    • First, there is that euphoric feeling of wanting nothing else but to go through with it
    • Then there is a period of slight nausea and entirely new, often somewhat off-the-wall thoughts and behaviors.
    • The big day: you give birth to your own little baby! Tired but happy, you embark on a completely new life.

When we have children, the process takes nine months and there are good reasons for that. You need to take time, on every level. Becoming a part of Berotec is similar to this. It generally takes between five and nine months from the idea originally being conceived to actually becoming a Berotec consultant.

In our view, it is both positive and natural that the process takes its time. It takes a good while to become familiar with our business model, to test and assess it. It takes time to convince both yourself and your loved ones that this is a good idea. And it takes time to leave your old career behind.

Naturally quite a few thoughts and reactions arise when you go home and talk about your plans. But we have been a part of this process over a hundred times. We have the privilege of being involved every time someone takes this step, whereas you only go through it once. So take it easy. Don’t rush into anything – let it take the time it needs.

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Open Events

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We enjoy meeting people. That’s why we invite you to our open events. Some of them are about sharing our knowledge, some about getting to know you, and some are just about having fun. All our coming events are listed here (in Swedish)


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